Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Last night, I listened to something quite extraordinary.

It's an audio documentary called Oisín's Story, which aired on Irish station RTE Radio 1 at the weekend. By Jiminy, it's good. It takes its subject and approaches it with care and respect. But it doesn't shy away from the tough stuff, too. It is crafted with sensitivity and love. It took my breath away.

Oisín, (pronounced O-Sheen) is an eight-year-old boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. For 40 minutes, we are immersed in the love, fights, triumphs, fears, songs, tears and laughter of his family's life. I know this world. I live in this world with my family and my teenage daughter, who is missing the same bit of the same chromosome as Oisín. The documentary-makers have taken a perfect snapshot of our abnormal normality. It's charming, funny, scary and sad, but ultimately uplifting. It's by far the best thing I've ever heard, read or seen on PWS.

You can listen to Oisín's Story here.

Be warned. It might make your eyes leak a bit. But in a good way.

A huge thank you to @distracteddan for thinking of me and sending me the link to this.

Video is Crowded House - Distant Sun. Our world just collided with Oisín's and we got a sprinkling of dust from a distant sun.

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