Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I knew she wasn’t at all happy about it. She’d told me several times she didn’t want to take part.

At my daughter’s annual statement review today I found out exactly what lay behind this strength of feeling. I can’t say I blame her.

Her class are being forced to sing a Cliff Richard song in the school's Christmas show.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask if it was Mistletoe And Wine. I chose ignorance. Otherwise, how could I live with the guilt?

The Cliff-hanger was an amusing highlight of a strong and positive meeting. I came away feeling inspired by the enthusiasm, insight, and goddamn common sense talked by my daughter's teacher. I felt reassured by the suggestions, strategies and plans we discussed. 

Oh, and the Sir Clifford story had a happy ending, too.

The teacher explained: “She’s not been keen and had said she didn’t like it, and wouldn't do it, even though I told her that we were doing a bit of a funny twist on the song and everyone in the class would be joining in.” (Apparently, it had become a bit of a theme in the class, with the others trying to persuade her, and her digging her heels in for days and days, stubbornly refusing to countenance the idea of taking part).

Her teacher continued: “At one point, she even told me she was going back to the primary site and would be performing as Mary in the Nativity instead, which was...well.. interesting... as they aren’t even doing a Nativity.”

“But the other day she announced that even though she didn’t like the song she would do it. And do you know what happened?”

I shook my head, unable to guess.

“The rest of the class gave her a huge cheer and a round of applause! It was a really big thing: they were all so happy she’d agreed.”

This fair warmed the cockles of my heart, I can tell you. Although we’ll have to wait and see how my mood changes when I actually hear Cliff’s cockle-cooling cacophony.

There is no way I’m posting one of his songs here, no way.

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