Sunday, 4 October 2020


My girl is 22 today. As you can see from the photo, hair-brushing was not first on the agenda this morning, but opening presents was. Her love of unwrapping gifts has not diminished over the years, unlike her bookshelf space. Double-stacking is now a thing in her library bedroom, with rows of books hidden behind rows of books. A rotating system might need to be instigated.

We’re off out shortly for a curry, although it’s just a small family gathering because of Covid-19 number restrictions. We have had time to prepare her for this, and as long as she gets her tikka, and a spoonful of her Dad’s spicy dhansak sauce, she can cope with this, as food beats friends in the world of Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Before that, we’re making a start on one of the 89 episodes of the surprise present I got her: the complete DVD box set of the original All Creatures Great And Small. It wasn't actually on her...shall we say...quite detailed and extensive birthday list (see photo below). Going ‘off-list’ isn’t always advisable and neither is me accidentally getting her the wrong edition of the Usborne Elizabeth 1 book, but that’s a whole other story. However, she’s mad on the new remake of the 70s TV programme so I took a punt - and it paid off. She's shaking with excitement at seeing the original cows’ arses that James Herriot stuck his arm up. 

The theme tune is starting up and bloody hell, I’m transported back to being a little kid of seven or eight, watching this with my mum. I’d give anything to have her sitting on the sofa between us, cuddling her granddaughter and laughing at Mrs Pumphrey’s Tricki Woo. 

Video is the opening credits from All Creatures Great And Small.