Saturday, 27 September 2014


It’s Saturday night, and my joie de vivre has allez-ooped en vacances. 

I have zig zag lines appearing in my peripheral vision, aching ribs, and Special Needs Fatigue.

The main reasons for my symptoms are as follows:
  • I’ve been on my hands and knees for an interminable length of time looking for my daughter’s see-through retainers on a stripy carpet.
  • I collided very heavily with the ground playing rounders last Sunday (once whilst making a spectacular diving catch, and a second time whilst falling over myself on the way to first post) - and six days later it still hurts when I do pretty much anything.
All this, and the only drink in the house is Tesco No Added Sugar Fiery Ginger Beer.

Song is The Holy Modal Rounders - Dame Fortune


  1. You have my sympathy regarding the PIP application. Waiting time is currently 9 flippin' months! I'm expecting a decision in the Spring...

    1. Have you had a face to face interview? I'd be interested to hear what it was like, Mini. PM me if you wouldn't mind exchanging contact details?

    2. Haven't yet, only had confirmation of application so far and applied in July! Local Disability Advice Service helped with form-filling.Were very helpful, they thought of things I hadn't considered. They said not everyone is called for interview, although I'm not so confident! Will let you know all about it if/when I have one.

    3. Thanks. We've had an ID check and will be getting an application form through soon, as it's J's 16th birthday on Saturday. I HATE filling out forms like this for her, as I have to completely turn my mindset on its head and concentrate on what she can't do instead of what she can, which makes me sad. I'm trying to think about it in advance, and get some bits prepared, so when it does hit the mat I don't have a complete panic. I hope your application is successful (when they finally get round to dealing with it!). Keep me posted.

    4. Thanks! Good luck with yours. I really do recommend getting someone like the DAS to fill it in with you. They do this sort of thing all the time and really know their stuff, including calculating your probable points. Feel free to contact me via twitter or the AW.