Monday, 15 June 2015


Fascinating thing to the babies' left not pictured.
Today, I was amused by the sight of several grown men grappling with an unruly erection.

This is not as rude as it sounds: they were trying to put up a gazebo at the Manchester PWS Picnic. 

Despite a terrible weather forecast, the rain above Heaton Park held off for another grand old meeting of babies, toddlers, and teenagers with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

My girl was looking forward to seeing her PWSBFF who was also making the long trip oop north. Only we had word that her pal’s journey had started a little late, and was being jammed by traffic. So it came to pass that I had a bizarre discussion with my Prader-Willi teen - yes, the one who is obsessed by food and eating on time - where I was essentially telling her off for not wanting to eat her dinner until her friend got there.

Friendships renewed. Post roll, obviously.
Once I realised the absurdity of this, I had a word with myself. After all, someone with PWS  who never physically feels full up is hardly in danger of ‘ruining their appetite’ for their tea. However, by the time 40 minutes had passed, I realised I did need to try some sneaky tactics to get my daughter to eat (you have no idea how weird that sentence sounds), because I knew there was a cast-iron chance that if her PWS buddy was stuck in traffic she would have already eaten her picnic in the car. 

So I persuaded my girl to have some salad, her low-fat custard, drink and fruit, (shockingly OUT of the NORMAL ORDER), so she could save her roll until PWSBFF arrived. And just after she’d finished the last lettuce leaf, her bestie appeared; there she was, standing just a few yards away, at the edge of the picnic rug. I turned, began to speak, and all I could get out was: “Look! There’s....”

“Pass me my roll.”

My daughter didn’t let me finish my sentence. She didn’t look up at her friend again. Sod “Hello!”. Sod finding out whether her pal had eaten or not. First things first - she’d postponed part of her dinner, out of commendable stubbornness and solidarity, until a particular target time, and the time of RIGHT NOW had been reached. 

Video is Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now

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