Friday, 9 October 2015


He asked her at school.
She told me about it when she got home.
"Kevin says he wants to go on a date with me."
I put my poker face on. Which was hard, because I very nearly burst into tears. Good tears. 
"What did you say?"
"I said yes, but I'd have to ask my mum."
I was struck by a sudden thought.
"Do you know what a date is?"
"Er, no."
I explained.
"Well, if someone likes another person, they go on a date. It just means going somewhere nice together, like the cinema, or to a restaurant."
"So that means Kevin must like you. Do you like him?" I already knew the answer to this: she's had a soft spot for him for a while.
"I'll call his mum and we'll sort it out."
She beamed. I beamed. It was very beamworthy.

It's two days later. They've swapped mobile phone numbers (my girl got her first phone for her birthday last week). He calls her from his taxi that takes him to the special school class they both go to. They have faltering, repetitive conversations. He texted her and called her 'Sweetie'He asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend and, if so, why? She texted back: "Because nice."

I'm happy that she seems quite happy about all this. 


Because nice.

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