Monday, 27 June 2011


I really should get a T-shirt.

When I went to the supermarket when my daughter was little, I couldn’t take her with me. Rows and rows of food lined up, and her being hungry all the time. Not a good mix, really.

Oddly enough, as she’s got older, it’s not so bad. Although food is still her all-consuming passion, now she can tell me what she wants, so there's less screaming and more choosing. 

She’ll grab something off the shelf, pore over the label, and hold it up, shouting triumphantly, “I can have this, it’s only 65 calories, Mummy!”

You can just imagine the amount of evil looks this kind of phrase elicits from passing shoppers. I call it ‘the Gillian McKeith’. Their eyes narrow, giving chubby mum a disdainful look from head to toe. 

I know what they’re thinking. “That awful mother has got her poor little girl on a diet!” Then they probably even want to look at my poo, to see what rubbish I’ve been eating.

So I really should get a T-shirt.

Maybe this:

Nah. This is better:

Perhaps Bo Diddley put it more politely:

Video is Bo Diddley - You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover


  1. We should all wear those at the next Massive gathering.

  2. So is that two orders for T-shirt 2 then? Mind you, you haven't seen what it says on the back...