Friday, 22 February 2013


My daughter has saddled up once more on the cycle of spiralling sleeplessness, and is pedalling like a mini Lance Armstrong mainlining EPO.

We’ve had three nights so far. 

The highlight has been discovering her in the bathroom at 3.30am today, sitting on the toilet, looking blue in the face. I don’t mean looking ill, or cold - I mean actually blue.

She’d been rummaging in her cupboard amongst the few toys and possessions that haven’t been removed and piled up in our bedroom to keep possible distractions at night time to a minimum. She was on a mission to do something.

So what had she decided on? Well, of course, she’d found an old ‘Paint a piggy bank’ craft kit, and decorated a little china porker. Her eyes were pinging from side to side. She had blue hands, a blue face, blue pjyamas, a blue bum, a blue blanket on her bed, blue feet (and footprints). And a very blue pig.

Our hall and landing need a lick of paint. The paper’s been stripped and we need to replace the old carpet. I’m seriously thinking of getting a nice shade of cream Dulux, a big fat brush, and sticking it on the landing. If she’s going to put in all these nightshifts she might as well do some proper work.

Video is Joni Mitchell - Blue

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