Tuesday, 5 February 2013


After a week of peaceful bliss, we’ve had 48 hours of pissful bleak. 
Stormy nights and subsequent jitterbug days, where the wild-eyed, chatty, manic, full-on force of my teenager after a night with only a few hours sleep has been a sight to behold.
Her exhausted body and her brain seems to be switching to her back-up generator and turning the dial up to 11.
It’s quite astonishing to watch. 
Her only button working at the moment is TRANSMIT. The RECEIVE switch seems to be stuck in the off position, possibly from a build-up of sleepy-dust.
I’m taking her to an electrical repairer's tomorrow. That, or a can of WD40 might do the trick.

Song is De La Soul - Transmitting Live From Mars


  1. Been waiting for your blog! You obviously have a lot on but you need to think of your fans!! Are there any management techniques for this sleeping behaviour? Is it common in teens with PWS? Hope you are surviving! X

  2. Hi, Elizabeth. Apparently this can be a problem with teens with PWS. There are various recommendations with how to deal with it: (keeping calm, not being confrontational, distracting the person and not arguing with them etc). Some of these are easier said than done at 3am, but we're trying our best. I will write more about this, but the blog is taking a back seat while we're in the throes of this. I'm convinced there's an underlying worry or cause that is sparking her difficult behaviour - we've just got to get to the bottom of it. It's obviously karma for being smug over all those lovely long nights of uninterrupted sleep when she was a baby!

  3. I do feel for you. I feel tired just reading it. Hope a solution is in the offing - and soon and that she's okay.