Thursday, 18 April 2013


It's my own fault, I admit it.

In my post Anchor, last week, I wrote about the relative peace and calm we were experiencing. I spoke of how my daughter's night-time jitterybugness seemed to be more under control.

So, of course, tonight looks like being the fifth night in a row of quietly-building, goggle-eyed, wandering-about, hallucinogenic sleeplessness. She's so tired she looks like she's got Parkinson's: her head is nodding, her hands are twitchy, and her eyes are darting about like Eric Bristow on steroids. She has what I have decided to christen 'the half-baked awake shakes'. My beautiful, unrecognisable daughter with the syndrome that means she is always physically hungry, was so exhausted tonight she forgot how to eat.

Next time, maybe I'll keep my mouth shut. You know that saying about tempting fate? I think I must have done a pole dance for the bastard.

Video is Feist - Pine Moon. "Pine moon, spoke too soon..."

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