Friday, 7 March 2014


I started off doing the Crazy Crab and the Travelling Chicken with her, jealously eyeing up her maracas. (Gravity-induced diminishing pertness has meant it’s been a while since anyone jealously eyed up my maracas, but I digress...)

Before long, however, I just stood back and watched, amazed at the astonishing effect
Miranda Hart’s Maracattack workout DVD was having on my daughter.

Prader-Willi Syndrome means it’s hard for her body to convert fat to muscle, so she has poor muscle-tone. It means she has to be on a strict low fat, healthy eating regime, despite being hungry all the time. And it means she needs to exercise, despite not really liking the idea of ‘exercise’ very much at all.

This DVD, starring the tall and bumbling Miranda (whose slapstick TV show my girl finds very funny), turned all that upside down. The music began, and my daughter was off, in maraca heaven, shake shake shaking her thang.

She completed the 10 minute warm-up, and I took her jumper off, as she was actually putting some real oomph into it and looking a little flushed, a rare occurence when it comes to physical exercise, when her default setting is usually ‘amble’.

Then, for 20 minutes, she enthusiastically copied the workout routine, kicking her legs, circling her arms, hopping around, and giggling at Miranda’s silly comments, crabbing and chickening for all she was worth.


Video is The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash


  1. Good that your daughter found a fun way to exercise ! :-)
    I wish knees dysplasia didn't prevent me from exercising !

  2. must get said DVD-Miranda might just hack it with my ambling DD too.Ta muchly