Saturday, 30 August 2014


I’m sipping from a big mug of coffee, Royal Blood’s LP is blasting cobwebs from corners I didn’t know my house even had, and my children are somewhere off playing with lions. Life is good.

I suppose I should backtrack to the lions bit. They’re not actually playing with them. They’ve been packed off on a trip to a safari park, so what’s probably happening right at this moment is that my daughter is suffering mid-level anxiety over what to buy in the gift shop (which will turn into a full scale meltdown when she realises I forgot to give her any money this morning), and my son is laughing at baboon’s arses.

It’s Trip Day, the finalé of a four day church holiday playscheme. And, in a fit of utter selfishness, I decided not to take up the option of going with them, as some other, nicer, parents did. Nope. Amazingly, I somehow predicted that in the final few days of the six week-long summer holidays, I might feel the need for a bit of peace.

We’ve done OK, you know. On the plus side, it’s been sunny pretty much all summer, which has meant lots of picnics. My husband took some tactically-timed days off, providing park ranger duties when I needed to get on with freelance work. More importantly, Tesco have had Skinny Cow lollies (95 calories) on offer, and we’ve hardly seen a wasp. These last two plus points may sound inconsequential, but believe you me, the ready availability of my daughter’s favourite summer snack, and the lack of Jaspers, are Very Good Things.

We’ve managed, with a bit of luck, and a bigger bit of planning, to keep our PWS teenager and our non-PWS five year old entertained, with a few trips, a few parties, meeting up with friends old and new, a festival’s worth of film nights, and - let’s not skate over them - a fair few days of grand-scale boredom and bickering. 

Because, as important as it is to try to give your PWS child routine, structure, and meticulously-planned days, it isn't always possible. Sometimes you can't help it - you have to wing it. 

Like I did when I realised I was supposed to have sorted out fancy dress costumes for the kids for the next day at holiday club. On the theme of 'inventions'. A quick trip to Asda for some banana boxes, a roll of gaffer tape, some straws, and a print-out of the test card later, and voilà! (see photo above). Before you feel overly impressed with my creative parenting skills, bear in mind that my favourite part of this Blue Peter-style activity was wiping the smiles from their faces by telling them this was the closest they’d come to getting TVs in their bedrooms. Is this wrong?

Video is Royal Blood - Come On Over

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