Saturday, 13 August 2016


Oh, oh, oh, what a difference a day makes.

She's turned the corner. My daughter's infection has started to shift. Air is getting into that left lung. Oxygen has been reduced from nearly 60% to 28%.

She's perkier, more anxious, and more nosey about her ward neighbours.

My lovely husband is at the hospital and has sent me home. He is dealing with the return of her repetitive questioning (which I was thrilled to see come back, but probably wouldn't have been after six or seven more hours of it).

I'm bloody well going out. Yes, 'out' out. I'm on the train to that London to see a couple of friends perform in their band The Disappointment Choir. I am not disappointed about this.

I am going to have a MASSIVE gin, meet some long-time-no-see mates, catch the train home (setting phone and watch alarms so I don't sleep past my stop), and then get approximately 10 hours kip.

Today has, and will continue to be, a very good day.

Video is The Disappointment Choir - Heartstrings/2½ Minute Love Song

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  1. Mon Dieu you've been through the mill and back! All of you! I'm so glad she is picking up now - there is nothing quite so worrying as trying to figure out what is wrong with our kids with PW. It's a huge worry. I do hope you had a great night out!!