Sunday, 22 January 2012


The food thing.

It's a huge issue. I mean, it still stops me in my tracks when I actually think about it, even after all these years of living with my daughter's Prader-Willi Syndrome.

She never feels full up. We have to be rigid and regimented about mealtimes and portions and punctuality, and she courageously sticks to the rules. But her brain just does not tell her that she's had enough. We have to do that for her.

But sometimes it's good to turn the issue on its head. There is a flip side: By God, she enjoys her food.

Watching my daughter eat is a sight to behold. She doesn't dive in. She gets herself steady and comfortable, grips her knife and fork, and starts the slow, methodical, demolition of her meal.

Every spoonful is savoured. Head down, her hair flopping over her face, she will leisurely hoover up every last pasta shell or grain of rice. She'll scrape the lining off the bottom of every yoghurt pot. She is the Founder, the Secretary and the goddamn President of the Clean Plate Club.

She'll try ANYTHING. Recent favourites are a spoonful of lime pickle alongside a rogan gosh. She'll have crab, cockles, and sardines. Brussels, cauliflower, beetroot, radishes, and spinach. Muesli. Flaming hot Thai green curry. Pickled onions. Salads, casseroles, tagines, stir-frys and gumbo. Separately, obviously. Although, technically, I suppose, she would quite happily eat all of these together...

She's a chef's dream.

The toddler is another story.

Video is Dr John - Let The Good Times Roll (from the album Dr John's Gumbo)

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