Friday, 2 March 2012


We have a couple of musical codes in our house.

Our daughter is very interested in the size of her dinner. Having Prader-Willi Syndrome means she is always hungry and is obsessed about food, so that moment when her meal is plonked down in front of her is important.

“Is it a big dinner?” she’ll ask, surveying the plate, suspiciously.

“Yes, sweetheart, it’s massive.” I reply.

Although those aren’t the actual words I use.

When she was little, and was getting her words mixed up and jumbled around, she kept saying “mathis” instead of “massive”. It wasn’t a huge leap from there.

“How big is my dinner, Mummy?”

“It’s not just big, darlin’, it’s JOHNNY MATHIS!”

Our entire family uses this phrase now. (Incidentally, putting a meal on a side plate and filling it up right to the edges makes it appear much more Johnny Mathis than having it sit forlornly in the middle of a large dinner plate).

We also have another piece of invented slang derived from musical origins - The Jonny Spencer. This refers to a particularly nuclear nappy-filling (used first for my daughter, later for my son, and now for my great-niece). It's a short form of The Jon Spencer Poos Explosion (do you see what we did there?).

Some people get sniffy about spoonerisms, puerile puns, or poo and bum jokes.

We thrive on 'em. *puts hand under armpit and makes a fart noise*. 

Video is Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Video is The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She Said

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