Wednesday, 27 March 2013


My daughter ran towards me, her eyes shining.
“What is it?” I asked, wondering what had caused such excitement.
“Jessie J could say THE DAYS OF THE WEEK when she was six!”
“Oh. OK.”
“No Mum, you don’t understand. In French. She knew them in FRENCH!”
“That’s nice, dear.”

There was a short pause, as she padded away into the other room.
Before long, she was back again.

“Jessie J was PURPLE when she was born!”
I wasn’t sure of the correct response to this one. I nodded.

Another exit and entrance.

"Uh huh?"
"What's the date today? QUICK! Check the date!"
"'s March 27th."
"It's Jessie J's birthday and she is TWENTY FIVE! And I caught her out swearing, didn't I?* She should know better now she's TWENTY FIVE, Mum, shouldn't she?"

She turned on her heels again. This time she didn’t make it all the way back to her open copy of literary classic Jessie J: Nice To Meet You - My Story (sample chapter headings: Aries Adventures, The Voice, and Doing It Like A Dude).
A thought struck her, suddenly, and she stopped, rushing back to me, almost squealing with excitement.

“Can we look up Red Nose Day on the internet, Mum?”
“What for?”
“Jessie J has shaved her HEAD off!”

Video is Jessie J - Domino. My daughter made me check this for swear words first. 

Video is a clip of Jessie J after she shaved her head off for Comic Relief. Sort of.

*See previous entry: Swored

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