Friday, 27 September 2013


I’ve got a pretty good poker face. Not that I ever play poker, but you know what I mean. Parents of disabled children tend to learn how to quickly switch on a deadpan expression, to mask any potentially anxiety-inducing looks of shock, hurt, or fear. We also have to stifle a lot of laughter when our children are deadly serious about unintentially funny topics. (Please note an unintentionally funny topic is not a chocolate bar shaped like a penis).

I can keep a straight, expressionless fizzog when I need to. It’s useful when my daughter gets anxious about unexpected changes; when a doctor tells me something alarming but I don’t want to let my girl know I’m alarmed; and when she regularly bowls me a googly by asking random questions like: “Are baby hippopotamuses more dangerous than wasps?” and “Are you sure Hitler isn’t in the school toilet?”.

Someone tweeted this fantastic photo the other day. Yep. That’s what sometimes goes on behind my mask.

Video is Lady Gaga - Poker Face 

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