Sunday, 3 May 2015


Full disclosure time:

My last blog post was about how my daughter, previously P.E. phobic, has recently started attending a Saturday morning disabled sports club.

Last week, she didn’t go, however. The entire family overslept. There was no chance of getting her to the club in time to catch the minibus which was taking the kids to the swimming pool.

She was disappointed, and her anxiety levels were starting to rise, as they usually do when plans are changed unexpectedly. 

So I told her that for a treat, I’d take her out for a spicy tomato juice (a drink she loves).

This is how we ended up in the Yorkshire Grey, a hostelry just around the corner from our house. 

And this is why I felt the hot sting of shame after my daughter returned home from school on Monday and said, smiling: “I told my teacher that I didn’t go swimming at Sports Zone because you overslept, and because we went down the pub instead.”

Thanks for that. 

*avoids teacher’s judgemental gaze, forever*

Song is Belle & Sebastian - We Are The Sleepyheads

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