Friday, 1 April 2016


My daughter’s school holiday sleepover tradition with her PWSBFF (Prader-Willi Syndrome Best Friend Forever) was upheld this week.

First, we had a girly trip to the cinema to watch a special screening of the recent stage adaptation of The Railway Children. 

meal at Prezzo followed the steamy, red bloomer-flagging action (perhaps I should re-phrase that, as it sounds slightly dubious). Light menu choices were chosen, pasta and salad dishes were hoovered up hard enough to strip off plate enamel, and beaming faces beamed back at me across the restaurant table.

But it was an incident that occured when we all got back into the car which stuck with me, and made me smile.

PWSBFF managed somehow to shut her leg in the door (not to any serious degree, I hasten to add, and this isn’t, of course, what made me smile. What do you take me for?). 

Clutching her shin, she let out some yelps, ows and ouches.

My daughter’s first response to the mini drama was this: “I hope you’re not going to keep me awake tonight.”  

“Er, excuse me,” I pointed out. “Don’t you think you ought to ask if she’s OK first?”

My girl looked at me with incomprehension. PWSBFF giggled. I explained: “Sweetheart, when your friend hurts yourself, the first thing you should think of is to check she’s OK, not if she’s going to be noisy later!” 

PWSBFF took up my tone of admonishment: “Yes, I thought you were supposed to be my friend!”

My girl looked stricken. “You are still my friend, aren’t you?”

PWSBFF giggled again. “Yes, of course I am!”

My daughter blew all the air out of her cheeks with relief. “THANK GOD!”

There was a slight pause.

“But she’s not going to keep me awake, is she?”

Music is Vic Mars - Fences, Railway Lines And Other Obstacles

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