Monday, 11 July 2011


Shortly after moving into our house, we met the little lad next door, called Josh, who has been dealt a few tough cards in his life. He's deaf, wears a prosthesis as he's only got one leg, and has a syndrome that caused him a whole host of other problems. He's a lovely boy, and very kind and protective towards my daughter, who he always wants to 'look after', despite his own difficulties.

I became good friends with Josh’s mum, Sue, who is perhaps the most stoic person I know, always keeping calm despite the stress of her son having scores of serious operations.

One summer, Josh, my daughter, and Josh’s sister Beth, were splashing about in a paddling pool in next door’s garden, while I was in Sue’s kitchen, having a chat and a cuppa, when two things happened at once - a Parcelforce man arrived with a delivery, and Beth shouted out from the garden: “Mum! Josh’s leg has got wet!”

Sue, without batting an eyelid, continued signing for the parcel, while shouting back: “Well take it off and put it against the fence to dry!”

I will remember the delivery driver's face until my dying day.

Video is ZZ Top - Legs


  1. To paraphrase Amazon: 'if you like that, you'll like this; Ian McMillan at his most sublime.

  2. You're right, that's fabulous. Thanks.