Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I’m a bag of nerves this morning.

In 12 hours time, I’ll be taking part in an event called True Stories Told Live.

In an upstairs room in a London pub, in front of 80 or so strangers, I’ll be speaking for 10 minutes, without notes.

You can probably guess what my story is about: my unique and lovely daughter.

Some of the speech will refer to things I’ve mentioned on this blog. It will also reveal an uncomfortable truth I’ve never said out loud before.

I hope it goes well. I hope I’ve judged the tone right. I hope I can get through it.

I’m slightly worried that most of my practising has been done as an internal monologue whilst swimming. Although if the dry-land recitation is looking wobbly, a friend has promised to don a pair of red shorts and throw me a life-ring.

At the risk of drowning in swimming analogies, I'm going to be throwing myself in at the deep end. I need to pace myself, and - most importantly of all - I must remember to breath.

I’ll see you in the changing rooms afterwards.

Video is John Williams - Theme From Jaws

Video is Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land


  1. Break a leg, DG. You'll be ossum. :-)

  2. I hope it all went well.

    I'd love to do one.

    1. Just go on their website and email them. Do it! Meg (in comment below) was really helpful and calming in advance of the big night.

  3. You were brilliant. I've never heard quite that quality of silence in that pub before. Well well done -- a touching honest story beautifully told.