Thursday, 20 September 2012


My daughter has been googling. With presents in mind.

HER: “Nanny and Grandad can buy me a Hello Kitty dolls' house for my birthday.”
ME: “Are you really going to play with it?”
HER: “Yes.”
ME: “Well, we got rid of your old wooden one because you never used it and you said it was too babyish.”
HER: “This isn’t the same. It’s Hello Kitty.”
ME: “OK. Let me see... Blimey, that’s a bit expensive.”
HER: “Please can they get it? Please?”
ME: “I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with them.”
ME: “Well, where’s it going to go?”
HER: “On my cupboard. Where the fish tank is.”
ME: “We can’t move your fish tank.”
HER: “We can. I don’t like fish anymore. I only like cats.”
ME: “We’re not having a cat.”
HER: “We can sell the fish on eBay, Mum.”
ME: “No we blummin’ can’t. You pleaded with me for months to get you those fish for your last birthday.”
HER: “I don’t like them.”
ME: “Well, I’m not moving them. You might change your mind.”
HER: “I won’t.”
ME: “Well, you sometimes do.”
HER: “I won’t.”
ME: “Hmmm...”
HER: “Believe it.”

Video is Graham Coxon: Don't Believe Anything I Say

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