Monday, 31 December 2012


And it's rare frockage from me and
dinner-suitage from him. We felt we had
to dress up for a New Year's Eve blog post.
2012 is almost over, and the internet is stuffed to the brim with retrospectives and reviews, Best Ofs, Worst Ofs, Love-Offs, and Eff Offs.

Any attempt by me to put together some sort of ‘highlights package’ of my family’s year fills me with the terrible fear that I might effectively be sending you a New Year Round Robin letter.*(You know the kind of thing: ‘Of course, Porscha gained 6 A* A-Levels and is now studying astrophysics at Harvard, and working at an orphanage in Mozambique over the holidays, which is so typically big-hearted of her’). 

But, as is customary as the New Year beckons, I have stopped for a moment and made like a shoplifter (taken stock).

So, here are a few, random, end-of-2012 thoughts that make me glad to be still fighting the good fight:

  • My daughter is healthy, and she’s happy in her new school. We’ve been a bit wiped out by the hormone storms, but we’re taking surfing lessons and starting to ride the waves. (Apologies for this metaphor, but that’s what happens at Christmas when you were up watching Point Break at 1am). Her weight is under control, her emotions a little less so, but I just can't adequately say how proud I am of my unpredictable, sweet, unique teenager.
  • My son is ridiculously entertaining. He’s an exocet missile of fun and mayhem and will be blasting off from nursery to school at the end of 2013, God help them.
  • My husband is still here, and I know he always will be. However, I'm not sure that his lovely fuzzy beard (which makes him look like ‘Lego Indiana Jones’ Dad’ according to my son, or a homeless Nick Faldo according to me) can be relied on to remain.

And as for looking ahead to the New Year?

I know 2013 will be full of uplifting highs and inescapable lows. For all of us. Here’s to the giddy joy of hitting the heights. And here’s to someone sending us a file in a cake so we can at least have a go at escaping. (Although when you’re trying to escape from some of the problems caused by Prader-Willi Syndrome, a cake probably isn’t the best idea. I haven’t thought this through...)

Finally a resolution I’d like everyone to consider adopting. I obviously can’t seem to shake Keanu Reeves out of my head, because the line is stolen from Bill, or Ted, or whichever adventurer it was who said it: 

Be excellent to eachother.

Video is Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Happy New Year

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