Saturday, 28 November 2015


It’s the little things. The kindnesses. 

My girl is going to have a spinal operation in two weeks’ time, so she’ll be having some recovery time off school.

Luckily, her school Christmas Show is before the op, so she can still take part. But she’ll miss a planned class trip on the bus to have a Christmas lunch at Wetherspoons. 

“I really want to go, Mum,” she told me. I’d already done the usual Prader-Willi prep (checking menu, assessing calorie content, informing teacher of what was ‘allowed’). “I know, sweetheart, but it’s after your operation so you can’t, I’m afraid,” I told her. She wasn’t happy. 

Wind the clock on a few hours, and she came out of the school gate, beaming, and babbling: “Guess what, Mum? My teacher said that because I’m missing the special dinner with the class they’re going back again especially for me and everyone is coming and we’re going on the bus and it’ll be a nice dinner and they said it’s to welcome me back to school.”

“That’s lovely. What a nice thing to do.”

“And guess what, Mum, James gave me a special present because he’s having a birthday party but it’s a trampolining party but I can’t go because of my back but you told his mum that and James has got me a present instead and it’s a Smurfs DVD.”

They may be small kindnesses. But in anxious times, they’re treasure.

Song: Soul Brothers Six - Some Kind Of Wonderful


  1. It goes without saying that we all wish your girl's operation will be a complete success and that her (slightly delayed) trip to Wetherspoons is too.

    1. Thanks, John. It also (doesn't) go without saying that it's much appreciated.