Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Question: How does someone know that they shouldn’t eat the bone on a chicken drumstick, if they’ve never had a chicken drumstick before?
Answer: They don’t.

If cooking chicken for my daughter, in accordance with my husband’s motto in life - "Always go for the breast" -  I’ll pick healthier, skinless cuts.

But there was this one occasion, running late, frazzled, and faced with a poorly-stocked Co-op shelf, when I grabbed a pack of chicken drumsticks.

Having cooked them, I plonked one down in front of my girl, along with some new potatoes and a mountain of salad, and then proceeded to knock over a glass of orange juice all over the table, chair, floor, radiator and wall. My attention was elsewhere for a good few minutes.

When I looked back, my daughter’s plate was clean, apart from a few splinters of bone.

Five hours later, the A & E doctor finally saw us, felt her throat and belly, and announced that it must have been a reasonably soft bone, and my daughter must have “munched the bejaysus out of it”, because there were no bits stuck anywhere they shouldn’t have been.

Prader-Willi Syndrome means you’re constantly, overwhelmingly hungry. And when someone is controlling your portion sizes, you’re damn well going to eat every last bit.

So she did.

Video is The Bees - Chicken Payback

Video is Elbow - The Bones Of You. 

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