Tuesday, 5 June 2012


One year ago, I wrote my first entry on this blog, with little idea that 12 months later I’d have posted more than 150 of the buggers.

Most have been fun to write. Some have been hugely difficult. 

I’ve realised some things about my daughter - and myself - that I’m not sure I would have understood or dealt with if I hadn’t sat at my keyboard, sometimes in the dead of night, tapping out little bits of my heart.

This blog has had just over 36,000 page views, which sounds quite a lot, until you realise that 1,000 of those came from Google searches where people were looking for a picture of an oyster, apparently. Still, I know there are a few of you out there who’ve stuck with me, so thanks.

If it wasn’t for this wee speck on the internet, I wouldn’t have get to know some fine people, both online and in the meat world. If it wasn’t for this outlet, I wouldn’t always have slept so soundly. And if it wasn’t for the positive feedback I’ve had, I would never have dreamed of getting up on stage in front of a pub full of strangers and talking about my daughter back in January (as detailed in the blog entry Secret). Those 10 terrifying minutes in the spotlight helped rid me of more demons than a Buffy The Vampire Slayer re-enactment society.

I still love my girl as fiercely as ever. I still feel lucky to have her and my boy, against all the odds. I still want to share the good bits, the bad bits and the bits that make me laugh.

Thanks for listening. All of you. Even the man who keeps wanting to help me increase the size of my penis. FOR THE 100th TIME, I HAVEN’T GOT ONE, ALL RIGHT?

Song is Edwyn Collins & Johnny Marr - Come Tomorrow, Come Today

Here's a Spotify playlist with all the songs I've posted on this blog in the past year. Well nearly all - a couple aren't on Spotify. And I've been revisionist and ignored Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey's Christmas duet. Because no-one should have to listen to that.


  1. Happy Blog Birthday! This is a heart-warming blog, sad and funny stories beautifully told. Well done, DG!

  2. Thank you DG for letting us into your world. Happy one year jubilee!

  3. Thank you for your blog DG, thank you for all the laughs and the tears, thank you for letting us have a glimpse into your world and thank you for allowing us to get to know you and your family. You've helped me more than you will ever know. Rho xx

  4. Always uplifting, DG. You write goodly.

  5. Happy Birthday to your blog DG. It is my favourite blog on the whole of the internet, and that's a big place. It's also inspired me to get my own thoughts into some semblance of a blog (in pre-production at the moment, but don't hold your breath). And if you get any more contact from the man who wants you to have a bigger penis, send it on to me. I have a friend who has a very small penis and whose wife laughs at him when he's really trying his best and, anyway, it's not his fault, his dad had a small penis as well and apparently these things runs in the family.

  6. A huge tip of that on becoming one Drakey. And what an incredible catalogue of entries and output you've shared. Bless you for them all and here's to another year...

  7. My favourite blog too.
    Looking forward to lots more good stuff, Drakey.

  8. It's among my favourite reads. You write so beautifully and often movingly, and your music choices are brilliant.

    Don't ever end it. I want to follow you and the family's progress for as long as I can.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks, everyone. That really means a lot to me x

  10. Happy blogoversary! :) I came across your blog today, as I was looking around the web to read some more about PWS, and your blog was linked on one of the UK PWS support sites. I love it! It's both very funny and very educational at the same time.

    Hubby and I are mentors (non-denominational godparents) of a boy with PWS, but before he entered our lives, we had never heard of the condition. A lot of people probably haven't. The little fella has just turned three and seems to be doing well, but it's reassuring nonetheless to read accounts of an older child and see how daily life can be for a family, as other information you read can be on the doom-and-gloom side. I've passed the link to the blog on to his parents too. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Traxy. Sounds like you're doing a grand job for the little lad you're mentoring. Hopefully, his parents will get some useful information - or at the very least some smiles - from reading some of these posts.
      Thanks for passing on the link - and tell them to contact me if they ever want to know more or just have a chat.