Thursday, 21 May 2020

Day Twenty Six

So it’s done. 

After 25 blogs in 26 days I rashly vowed to let my son loose on my hair with electric clippers in what was effectively a mum sanctioned revenge attack.

The proviso was that my fundraising total for the blogathon for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association UK needed to tip over the £1000 mark and hit £1250 by this afternoon. 

I mentioned this yesterday teatime. The Just Giving notifications began to ping like a bleeding Nintendo game. We passed the target, you utter bastards. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can resent you and thank you at the same time, can’t I? 

Here’s the video. I do recommend watching all the way through, as my boy is on top smart-arsery form, and my daughter is providing a classic PWS demonstration of just how easily slight panic can set in in a new and unfamiliar situation.

I keep rubbing my head. My boy thinks I do NOT look like Sinead O’Connor, but DO look like Matt Lucas. 

However, my husband and I just came up with a better lookeelikee. We’re going to do some painting next week and we have just realised we can now re-enact the decorating scene from The Royle Family. And yes, I’m Twiggy.

The Royle Family - Jim & Twiggy

As part of the 2.6 Challenge (which is asking people to fundraise and donate towards small charities that are threatened with closure because of the effects of the Covid-19 crisis) I wrote 26 blogs in 26 days, then let my boy loose on my hair with electric clippers. The PWSA UK is a charity which is absolutely vital for people with PWS, their families, carers and professionals who work with them. Without urgent help, PWSA UK will fold. This charity saves lives and for some people makes lives worth living.

Please give something if you haven't already.Thank you to each and every one of you who have donated. 

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