Sunday, 17 May 2020

Day Twenty Two

I’ve been thinking about shields.

This may be because my son and I are up to Captain America: Civil War in our marathon watching of the Marvel films in chronological order of narrative. The little nerd.

Or it could because the most vulnerable have been asked to obey a ‘shielding’ strategy and not leave the house for 12 weeks to protect themselves from the risk on contracting Covid-19.

But I understand shielding. 

Never mind this current madness, in normal times all I want to do is protect my daughter from the dangers and risks of everyday life. And for that I have a shield.

My shield is invisible. It’s not made up of vibranium (Note to self: have Ann Summers released a Marvel Pneumatic Universe tie-in edition of the Rampant Rabbit called the Vibranium? If not, why not?).

No, my shield has been constructed out of every little piece of my Prader-Willi Syndrome experience painstakingly stockpiled over the last 21 years.

It’s every fragment of knowledge, every mistake I’ve learned from, every tip and trick I’ve been told. Bonded together, these pieces give me the power to deflect most of the missiles life bombards us with.

I’m no superhero. I think I’ve proved this with the way this lycra skin-tight Avengers costume is disappearing up my bumcrack.

No, all I’m saying is I’ve been armed. I’ve been given PPE. 

The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association has distributed Personal Protection Equipment to me and thousands like me over many years. Knowledge. Advice. Shared Experience. Love. That’s the shield they’ve given me.

I would have preferred Thor’s hammer but you can’t have everything. And yes, that is a euphemism.

Song is The Breeders - Divine Hammer

As part of the 2.6 Challenge (which is asking people to fundraise and donate towards small charities that are threatened with closure because of the effects of the Covid-19 crisis) I'm currently writing 26 blogs in 26 days.The PWSA UK is a charity which is absolutely vital for people with PWS, their families, carers and professionals who work with them. Without urgent help, PWSA UK will fold. This charity saves lives and for some people makes lives worth living. If you can, please go to my Just Giving page and donate anything you can spare - a few pence or a few pounds, it all counts. Finally, a quick message to Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers. If you introduce The Vibranium to your range the PWSA UK needs to get 50% of all profits, luv, or I'll sue the arse off you.

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