Thursday, 8 September 2011


"Quavers are better than Skips which are better than French Fries which are better than Monster Munch which are better than Walkers which are WAY better than Kettle Chips.
Mini Milks are better than Twisters which are better than Fabs which are better than Fruit Pastel lollies which are better than Calyppos but STEER CLEAR of Magnums.
Mini Jaffa Cakes are better than a box of raisins which is better than a Go Ahead Yoghurt Break which is better than an Alpen Bar but don’t even THINK about a Mars Bar.
Chips are bad. Cheese is evil. Fruit is my friend."

This isn't an actual quote from my daughter. But I'm pretty sure it's what runs through her head. (Well maybe not the 'cheese is evil' bit). The gospels according to calories and saturated fat content are somehow drummed into my daughter’s very soul. She’s spent all her life having her food controlled, as she needs a strict, low-fat diet to maintain a normal weight. 

At the moment, on the very rare occasions she is offered something she shouldn’t be offered (at a new hairdressers, where they give kids who have a haircut a sweet, or when a new classmate brings in choccy bars to hand out on their birthday), it’s HER that declines.

“I’m not allowed that,” she’ll say. For a girl who’s always physically hungry, this is pretty impressive.

She will twig. One day. It will suddenly hit her that by keeping quiet she could get extra and no-one would know. She will realise that sneaking into a kitchen cupboard and nabbing some grub, then trotting off to scoff it out of sight, just might work, dammit.

I’m dreading it. 
But I’ve got a pack of locks ready.

Video is Crowded House - Locked Out

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  1. Mrs M had to wrestle a packet of Jammy Dodgers off me today; not because she wanted one. It was to stop me from myself. Mmm, Jammy Dodgers (the King of biscuits).