Sunday, 23 October 2011


My daughter  is quite clued up about having Prader-Willi Syndrome.

She asks questions about it all the time, but usually when I turn the question back on her she knows the answer.

I’m not overly keen on her propensity for telling complete strangers about how “something went wrong when mummy and daddy made an egg”, but I don’t want to remind her of exactly which roles mummies and daddies have in the producing and fertilising of eggs, as then all she’d do is tell people about'ins and outs' of her parents having sex. Which I don’t really want to discuss with the checkout girl at Asda, to be honest.

But she understands that she’s got PWS. And that it makes her hungry. And that she has to avoid certain types of food to prevent her getting dangerously obese (or a very fat tummy, in her words).

And I suppose she recognises it in others. Sort of.

Yesterday, we sat watching what I think you’ll agree is a seminal episode of Shaun The Sheep, called Mower Mouth. In it, a goat goes on the rampage, eating underpants, tyres, bricks, a horn, the entire contents of an allotment and half a ton of grass.

My daughter watched this, giggling away, until she suddenly stopped, went very wide-eyed, and A Big Idea popped into her mind.

“Mummy,” she announced, solemnly.  “I think that goat’s got Prader-Willi."

Video is Shaun The Sheep - Life's A Treat

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