Thursday, 6 October 2011


There are two boys in my daughter’s class at her Special School who share a similar condition. They're on different points of the spectrum, but they tick the box for the same well-known, developmental disability.

“Ryan and Sam have the same thing, Mummy,” my daughter informed me, looking quite pleased with herself for being able to share her expertise.

She continued. “You know, where they struggle."

"Struggle with what?" I ask her, trying to get her to elaborate.

"You know. When they don't know about feelings. That thing you were telling me about.”

I nodded, remembering a little talk we’d had a few weeks back.* (*see blog post Spectrum).

“Yep,” she said, beaming. 

“They’ve both got oysterism.”

Video is The Blue Autistic - sorry - The Blue Oyster Cult 'More Cowbell' sketch from Saturday Night Live 

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