Tuesday, 4 October 2011


My daughter is 13 years old today. My sweet, odd, wonky, wonderful daughter is a teenager.

She's not your typical teen:
  • She still believes in Father Christmas
  • She asked for a Tinkerbell duvet cover for a present
  • She never really wants to stay up past 8.30pm
  • She's never been allowed out of an adult's sight on her own
  • She's not got a mobile phone
  • She hardly ever answers back
  • She thinks Doctor Who is just about the monsters
  • She doesn't do status updates, texts or messaging, although she does send emails on her iPod Touch, at a rate of about one paragraph per 20 minutes
  • She's never got drunk on alcopops in the park
  • She always eats everything on her plate, even Brussels sprouts
  • She keeps her bedroom very tidy
  • She still wants to hold your hand when you walk down the street.

It's been interesting getting from Ground Zero to Teen Queen.

I've a feeling it's going to be even more interesting getting from here to her 18th birthday.

Bring it on.

Video is a Kevin & Perry clip from the Harry Enfield show

Video is Teenage Fanclub - About You


  1. Have good one all, I've got one who's 15 next month and yes a few changes that kicked an at 13-ish, but most may just be a boys things - as it's all gone very Kevin around our way

  2. She's a sweetheart. Only signs so far are extremely selective hearing, and a widening stubborn streak. My boy is way more Kevin-ish when he doesn't get his own way, and he's only two. God help us when he hits his teens!

  3. Our youngest 11 - is still a breeze(ish), but we've got the horrible feeling as our eldest comes out of the teenage black hole, the youngest will start sink in. 6 years of teenage trolls *gulps*

    Have a tear up and shake a leg from all the Mondos

  4. I am bit surprised to know about her, with time i hope she will start understand the real world and can live a normal life with society.

  5. Oooh yeah all those boxes we could tick too.When she started mainstream secondary school, i didn't want her being teased about her visit from Father Christmas, so i told her that ,as there were SO many little children in the world these days, Santa only delivers to those of primary +junior ages,and expected those parents of grown up children to help him out and buy/wrap/deliver prezzies on his behalf.(otherwise it would take him half the year to get round everybody-and lord knows where she was on his list).When she realised this wouldn't make any difference to her xmas stocking contents, she was ok with it.AND we didn't have to deny he exists,(which of course he does).

    1. This is very impressive lying *makes notes*. By the way, I'm really enjoying all your recent comments! I've been a bit busy, so haven't been able to reply to all of them, but it sounds like we've shared a few experiences. Look forward to sharing some more with you :-)