Monday, 14 November 2011


She’s been a camel. She’s been a fairy. With the aid of a bedsheet, a wire coathanger, and some tinsel, she’s been an angel on more than one occasion.

When she was at mainstream school, my daughter was always one of the chorus, and never the leading lady. 

Now she’s at special school, things are different.

Yesterday, she announced, out of the blue, that she was going to be in the school play, and that she had been cast as Cinderella.

“That’s brilliant. That’s the leading role! Well done, sweetheart. We'll all come to see you!” I told her.

It made me fondly reminisce about my time on the stage. Who could forget my triumph, aged 17, in my upper school’s version of Trojan Women, when I played Athene, Goddess of Virginity? (I remember one teacher remarking that it was “hardly ‘method’ acting” - a comment that would surely get them arrested nowadays).

I can’t wait to see my daughter in action. She might not remember all her lines. So bloody what?

At long last, she doesn’t have to stand at the back of the stage because she can’t quite keep up. It’s her turn in the spotlight. She shall go to the ball. And she deserves it.

Video is Syl Johnson - Star Bright, Star Lite. Thanks to the marvellous @twrafferty for introducing me to the music of Mr Johnson.

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