Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friend (Update)

My teenage daughter went round her mate’s house after school yesterday.

They did the normal stuff teenagers do: sneaked some Bacardi Breezers upstairs; talked about who they’d like to snog at the school disco; and popped out to Boots to nick some lipsticks.

Well, no. I'm kidding. They didn’t actually do any of these things. What they did was play with dollies for two hours.

Bethany, her new friend - in fact the first friend she has ever made herself - goes to the same special school as my daughter.

A month or so ago, she came round to tea at our house (see post Friend). Yesterday was the return trip. My girl had already packed her doll in a bag five days before, not wanting to forget it.

And I’d already done my preparation. I’d had The Food Conversation with Bethany’s mum, asking her to give my daughter the relatively healthy, quick and easy Fishfinger Special. (Fish Fingers, jacket potato and peas). I’d also packed a low-fat pudding in her school bag, and a low-calorie snack bar. 

With Prader-Willi Syndrome, field rations still have to be monitored from HQ, you see.

It wasn't exactly a late night. My girl was delivered back home just after 6.30pm. Probably equally as tired as a non-PWS teenager rolling in it at midnight after a cider-fuelled house party.

Tired and happy. Still dressed in her spotty socks, spotty leggings and spotty nightshirt she’d worn to school for Children In Need Day.

My child is in need of a lot of things. But last night was good. Because she wasn’t in need of a friend. 

Video is The Go Team - Friendship Update


  1. So nice to hear this - I have six-year-old daughter with PWS, at mainstream school (for the moment) and friendships and playmates hard to come by. Glad your teen had fun.

    And great blog, thank you!


  2. Thanks, Venetia. Friends are a big issue. It took me a long time to realise that my daughter is generally happy in her own little world, and that being a day-dreamer on the periphery isn't as sad as it looks. All the same, this new and unexpected development of her making a friend for herself is a lovely thing!