Monday, 14 May 2012


We've just spent a splendid weekend with family up in Yorkshire.

The highlight for my daughter, of course, was today's Sunday roast, the sight and smell of which elicited a huge gasp of delight as it was served up. "That looks LOVELY!" she uttered, her eyes gleaming at the sight of the carved chicken. We should hire her out to chefs undergoing a crisis of confidence, because praise never sounded so heartfelt.

Her Sunday highlight followed her Saturday highlight, which was an Indian takeaway (heavy on the tikka, light on sauces and rice).  When she eats this treat, her eyes close, and she goes into a kind of religious reverie.

When someone has Prader-Willi Syndrome it's only natural that the focus is on the dangerous and upsetting aspects of their physical, all-encompassing hunger. Their body does not send them the signals that say they are full up, and once diagnosed life quickly becomes about control and limitation of food.

But sometimes it's good to step back and take a fresh look at mealtimes. My daughter is truly happy when she's tucking in to food. An uncomplicated, natural joy. I see it flooding through her, as she savours every mouthful. Putting everything else to one side, it's a wonderful sight. It always has been. Probably even more so when her face is painted with tiger stripes (see the picture above).

My husband, on the other hand, mint sauce drooling down his chin after too much red wine? Not so much.

While we were up north, we went to a fabulous gig by Geordie folk band The Unthanks, at Holmfirth Picturedrome. They did a wonderful version of the song in this video - Here's The Tender Coming. 

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