Tuesday, 8 November 2011


She walked out of school with a shy, little swagger, her coat unzipped, not done up tightly as usual.

She peered up at me through her fringe (I must get that cut) and over the top of her glasses, which were perched precariously on the end of her nose (I must get those frames tightened).

She seemed to be sticking out her chest.

When I looked down, I realised it wasn't just pride in her "teenage boobs" (God, I wish I still had "teenage boobs"). Pinned smartly to her school jumper was a bright, new, badge, emblazoned with the legend: "School Council".

Yes, my daughter has finally reached High Office.

I daren't ask her her policies. I can guess them, anyway:
  • The summary execution of anyone found stealing from school packed lunches, specifically hers
  • The abolition of PE
  • Hard jail-time for parents who forget to pack a snack for morning break

Apparently, she's joint student councillor for her class, along with Kieran. (There are five pupils in total in her special school form). It's coalition politics. This should run smoothly, then.

She told me she has to wear the badge at all times and I must never ever forget to take it off before I wash her uniform (oh please, somebody, help me).

I told her I was very proud of her. And I really am.

This might seem like a small, relatively unimportant achievement. But my daughter's self-confidence is a wall that can crumble. If this fills just a few cracks with mortar, it's got my vote.

Video is the trailer for the film 'Election'

Video is Easy Star All-Stars - Electioneering

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  1. Do I detect that at sometime in the past you have been found guilty of code violation - her 3rd. policy, perhaps? She'll make a great Councillor.